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Two Key Benefits of Mobile Printing @ Lynn

Printing on campus just became even easier and more convenient with the addition of Lynn University’s new print management solution called Pharos Printing.

1. Sustainability

going green image_miniReducing the number of wasted prints from printers supports Lynn University’s Going Green initiative. Avoiding unnecessary printing saves resources and helps to keep Lynn’s environment sustainable.

2. Improved accessibility

To print from your mobile device, Mac or any computer, email Make sure you are sending the email from your or account. You can retrieve your print job from several areas around campus.

There are 12 accessible printers on campus in the following locations:

  •  Open study room areas on the second and third floors of the IBC BizHubPrinterImage
  •  IBC Classroom 107
  •  Elmore Dining Commons
  •  Perper Coffee House
  •  Assaf 205 and 206
  •  1st floor of Lynn Library

If you have any questions or concerns, please stop by the IT Support Services Desk, Lynn Library 2nd Floor or call 561-237-7979.

Instructions on how to print and scan!

How to Print How to Scan


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Lunch-N-Learn @ the Library starts back up

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Monday, March 9th APA Style
1st Floor, The Cube, 12pm
Learn everything you ever wanted to know about APA style! We’ll share quick tips and frequently asked questions about APA style.

Wednesday, March 11th MLA Style
The Cube, 12:00pm
We’ll teach you everything you ever wanted know about MLA style! We’ll share quick tips and frequently asked questions about MLA style.

Friday, March 13th Research Strategies
The Cube, 1:30pm
Learn how to find credible sources for your projects and papers using Lynn Library resources.

All sessions are hands-on please bring your iPad, mobile device, or laptop. For more information email or call 561-237-7708