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We are pleased to honor you… Published Faculty Reception

Every year, the Library and the Office of Academic Affairs join together to honor Lynn members who have contributed to the University’s body of scholarly communications. The following will be recognized at the 7th Annual Published Faculty Reception, Thursday, April 9, at 4:30 p.m. in the Wold Salon. Refreshments will be served. (Is there any Lynn event without food?)

Honored faculty in 2011

Publications, Presentations, and Compositions

College of Business and Management

James Downey, Lindsley Deveau (posthumously), Robert Reich

College of Education

Kelly Burlison, Nancy Kline, Priscilla Boerger

College of International Communication

Denise Belafonte, Stephanie Powers

College of Arts & Sciences

Andrew Halloran, Bonnie Bonincontri, Carrie Simpson, Cassandra Korte, Christopher Rice, Cristina Lucier, Jonathan Sperry, Khalique Ahmed, Robert Watson, Sanne Unger, Sindee Kerker

Conservatory of Music

Roberta Rust, Thomas McKinley

Institute for Achievement and Learning

Shara Goudreau


College of Business and Management

Brian Sommer, Joseph Ingles, Lisa Dandeo, Matteo Peroni

College of International Communication

Carmeta Blake

College of Arts & Sciences

Anna Krift, Daniel Ceccoli, Darren Allen, Debra Ainbinder, Gary Villa, Joseph Greaney, Joseph Hall, Judith Adelson, Karen Casey, Marcheta Wright, Mark Jackson, Mark Luttio, Maureen Goldstein, Michael Lewis, Robert Watson, Roberto Cadilhe, Ronald Weissman, Sanne Unger, Stephen Aiello, Terence McCorry, Thomas Ferstle

Institute for Achievement and Learning

Wilson Ono


Leecy Barnett

If you have already contacted me about your publication, presentation, or composition, and your name has been left off the list, please let me know. If you have written or contributed to an iBook that was published from February 2014-January 2015, and do not see your name above, please contact me at or 561-237-7059.