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11/4 – Japanese Tea Ceremony at the Library

Join the Library for a demonstration of the tea ceremony – a time-honored Japanese tradition of preparing and presenting green tea.

Wednesday, November 4th @ 4:00 PM
Lynn Library, 2nd Floor Landing

japanese tea ceremony1

The Tradition of the Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu)
Tea Ceremony is ritualized preparation and drinking of powdered gr
een tea in Japan. The host performs the demonstration in the Omotesenke school manner. At this event, it will embrace Ryu-rei (the standing style). Ryu-rei allows a host to offer tea outside, or where a tea room is not available.

mrs mihori

Meet the Host — Soei Chieko Mihori
Soei Chieko Mihori has made a lifelong study of the tea ceremony. “Soei” is a title given to the tea ceremony master from the Omotesenke School. She has been offering tea ceremony lessons in Delray Beach’s Morikami Museum since 1993.

For more information, call 561-237-7708 or email