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iPad Pro Tips & Tricks

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Helpful tips for your brand new iPad Pro…iPad Pro


  • Multitasking on your iPad. In your first app, to use split view mode, place your finger on the right edge of the iPad Pro screen and swipe left. Continue swiping and adjust to your liking. You can work on both screens at the same time (i.e. play videos while you work). (Joseph M., Freshman)


  • For better note taking use the Apps @ Work and download Notability. (Joseph Martin, Freshman)
  • Take notes on Pages with your keyboard. Open Pages > Template notes and start writing. (Kat Milan, Freshman)
  • In the Microsoft Word app > open a blank document > tap the draw tab and use your iPad Pro Pencil to take notes. (Karlisha Morales, Freshman)


  • For better accuracy when you’re highlighting, use your iPad Pro Pencil to select exact sentences that you need to highlight. It’s better than using your fingers. (Kat Milan, Freshman)


  • From App Store download Pigment and it has 28 coloring books and each coloring book comes with at least 3 free pages. (Kat Milan, Freshman)
  • Other sketching apps: SketchBook Express which lets you choose different coloring tips it supports split screen and multitasking. (Kat Milan, Freshman)
  • When in the Notes app click on the Ruler symbol on the bottom for better accuracy when drawing lines.
  • Bonus – Tracing over a drawing on a piece of paper on top of the iPad Pro works too! See more at com

 Contributed by Lynn Students 


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