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So you want to be writer.  You dream of a Pulitzer or Noble prize.  How do you get started?  Take a few minutes to be inspired by the wisdom of Alice Munroe, the latest winner of the Noble Prize for literature.  Watch the video below to hear Ms. Munro talk about how early reading inspired her future career as a writer.

I must confess that I have not read any of Munro’s stories, but after watching the video I will check out one of her short story collections owned by the Lynn Library:

  • PR9199.3 .M8 F7 1990                     Friend of My Youth.
  • PR9199.3.M8 L68 1999                    The Love of a Good Woman.
  • PR9199.3.M8 R86 2004                   Runaway.
  • PR9199.3.M8 V54 2006                   The View from Castle Rock

Also, we have the film Away from Her which is based on one of her short stories.

And while I am in the mood for confessing, I must tell Dr. Jeff Morgan that I have still not read Moby Dick and don’t plan to.


One thought on “Prize Winning Writer

  1. I am shocked but cannot write more right now as I feel like bursting into “Oh Canada”!

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